BRILLIANT: If COVID Omicron Variant Is as Mild as Indicated Why Not Let It Run Its Course and and Protect Vulnerable with Therapeutics?


Ph.D. and retired Army Colonel Lawrence Sellin questions the current actions taken against the new COVID variant Omicron. 

Sellin asks that if the Omicron variant is mild as is now indicated, why not let it run its course and protect the vulnerable with therapeutics?  Vaccines are certainly not the answer.

Again, if the #OmicronVariant is highly contagious, but mild as first indicated, a better policy would be to forget a vaccine, let it run its course while protecting the vulnerable with therapeutics to reach natural herd immunity.#COVID19 #Corona #Omicron

— Dr. Lawrence Sellin (@LawrenceSellin) December 2, 2021

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Dr. Sellin made numerous other smart comments in a recent interview we reported on below:

“This Isn’t Science or Medicine, It’s a Political Decision.” – Dr. and Col. Lawrence Sellin on Current Treatments for COVID

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