Brooks: Dems on Wrong Side of Education, Crime, San Francisco Recall ‘Should Be a Five-Alarm Fire’


On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks said the school board recalls in San Francisco “should be a five-alarm fire” to Democrats, who have gotten on the wrong side of the major issues of education and crime.

Host Judy Woodruff asked, “Some glimmerings around the country in local races, David, that voters who had voted Democratic are having real problems with Democratic — three Democratic candidates right now, three members of the San Francisco school board kicked out of office. We’ve seen it in Virginia and a few other places. It’s voters upset about COVID, about education issues, and more. But how worried, I guess, is my question — and I’m asking you to do this in just a minute or so — should Democrats be right now about some of these, frankly, surprising moves around the country?”

Brooks responded, “Yeah, it should be a five-alarm fire. San Francisco, they defeated those people by like 72 to 79%. The two big issues are schools — San Francisco wanted to dismantle the magnet school, and crime. Crime is being talked about in my neighborhood, and defund the police put the Democrats in a terrible spot on this issue, as they did on this education issue.”

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