By propping up Biden, Dems are committing elder abuse — and abusing the nation

By propping up Biden, Dems are committing elder abuse — and abusing the nation

It’s an inconvenient truth.

Someone who is not in Joe Biden’s inner circle — or among the Democrats and media members blanketing him in a protective bubble wrap with their coverage — spent extensive time with the 81-year-old and came away with a damning verdict.

Biden is, according to special counsel Robert Hur, “an elderly man with a poor memory.”

Hur came to this conclusion after a 15-month investigation of the president’s handling of classified documents. In fact, he felt that Biden’s mental fitness is so diminished, he shouldn’t face any criminal charges.

If elderly Biden isn’t with it enough to be charged, how is he up to the task of running this country?

Special Counsel Robert Hur at a podium.

Special Counsel Robert Hur said that Biden’s mental fitness is so diminished, he shouldn’t face any criminal charges. Getty Images

Joe Biden with his eyes closed, at a microphone

Biden took a deep paused while delivering remarks on Thursday. REUTERS

Hur’s report has undeniably become a fly in the presidential Pedialyte. A Dem disaster.

And while publicly, the party is blasting the special counsel’s declaration, there’s apparently private panic.

“A former Biden aide described Democrats’ dilemma: Taking the nomination away from Biden is like taking the car keys away from your parents,” Axios reported.

Instead, to continue the metaphor, the president’s enablers are knowingly keeping a diminished man in the driver’s seat — which makes him, and the whole world, unsafe.  

First Lady Jill Biden sits across from Mika Brzezinksi.

First Lady Jill Biden shamelessly told Mika Brzezinski that her husband’s “age is an asset.” TODAY

It’s wanton elder abuse of Biden and, in turn, abuse of our great country.

A nation that more than ever, needs a strong, capable leader behind the wheel.

It’s simply pathetic how we’ve arrived at this broken-down destination, being told by Dems to not to believe our lying eyes — that our commander-in-chief is the Benjamin Button of the Beltway, running circles around his young staffers.

Just last month, First Lady Jill Biden told MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski that her husband’s “age is an asset” adding: “I see his vigor. I see his energy. I see his passion.”

People helping Joe Biden get up after falling on stage

President Biden took a tumble during the United States Air Force Academy graduation in June. AFP via Getty Images

Meanwhile, her husband sees dead people. He said he spoke to foreign leaders Francois Mitterand and Helmut Kohl about the January 6 Capitol riot, even though the two have been expired for more than a decade.

That’s just last week.

Even last night, Biden feebly insisted, “My memory is fine” — the necessity of such a declaration itself proving that your memory is, indeed, not fine.

It’s embarrassing to have the most powerful man in the Western world shepherded like a toddler through events by his wife, aides and even the Easter Bunny.

Prssident Joe Biden falls on the steps of Air Force One.

The president also took a spill on the steps to board Air Force One back in 2021. Reuters

And all of these lies about his youth and acuity are buttressed by the usual suspects in the media. The NY Times spun the cycle to stress that “Republicans pounced on the special counsel report.”

A columnist in today’s LA Times wrote, Biden’s “age, often cited as the greatest obstacle to his reelection, is actually his superpower.”

They might want to take away that guy’s keys too.

Joe Biden falling up a set of stairs

Biden’s history of tripping dates back to his days as vice-president. AFP via Getty Images

Only a week ago, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough blamed Biden’s rhetorical issues on the stutter “he’s had since he was 14 years old.”

Funny how the stutter wasn’t to blame until they needed to cover for him sounding like the personification of a dying battery.

Only a handful of years ago, Biden was an energetic, vibrant politician. He was clear, concise and, yes, a leading manufacturer of hot air. But he wasn’t a stutterer then. Nor is he now. He’s simply incoherent— his once sharp brain dulled by too many trips around the sun. That’s not being cruel. Biden is simply human.

A tweet showing the LA Times column claiming Biden's advanced age is his

The LA Times published a column calling Biden’s advanced age his “superpower.” L.A. Times Opinion / x

It’s tempting to write a bunch of zingers about his mumbling, bumbling speeches, his shaking hands with imaginary people. The frequent falls.

However, it’s past the point of humor. It’s sad. At this moment, Biden has my sympathy. People like Jill, Scarborough, his old pal Nancy Pelosi — who called him a “kid” — and others propping up this lie deserve Americans’ contempt.

We’ve all watched a loved one grapple with cognitive decline. It’s heartbreaking when it happens within our own households — but it’s downright criminal when it’s happening in the Oval Office, aided and abetted by people who are supposed to love the president and protect the country over party.

Joe Scarborough speaking from a podium.

MSNBC host Joe Scarborough said Biden’s bumbling speech was because of a lifelong stutter. Alexandra Buxbaum/Shutterstock

This guy should be enjoying vanilla ice cream with his grandkids, doing crossword puzzles and picking up a paid speech now and again.

But because he made the worst VP pick in history —based solely on identity boxes — the Dems find themselves in this compromised position.

Now, like Dianne Feinstein, Biden will not be remembered at his best, but as a confused, doddering geezer out of his depth — a picture of growing senility.

But it’s not just his legacy at stake. The DNC is bringing down the whole structure with it. Shame on them.


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