CAUGHT ON VIDEO: MS13 Terrorists Ambush and Rob Border Network News Reporter Oscar “El Blue” Ramirez During Live-Stream Report


Reporter Oscar “Blue” Ramirez at Real America’s News

Reporter Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez joined Steve Bannon on Thursday after he was ambushed and robbed by at least 8 MS13 terrorists in Nicaragua during a live-stream video.

Oscar ‘El Blue’ Ramirez reports for Border Network News and is featured on The War Room.

At least 6 MS13 terrorists ambushed Oscar during his live-stream. The terrorist group robbed him of all of his equipment and money.  Oscar El Blue spoke with Steve Bannon following the MS13 assault.

MS13 member filmed during robbery of reporter Oscar ‘El Blue” Ramirez

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These MS13 terrorists in Nicaragua today are Joe Biden’s invaders tomorrow.

** You can support Oscar El Blue here.

Via The War Room.

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