Chinese Dissident Suggests Political Correctness Making America An Authoritarian State (VIDEO)


A well known dissident from China named Ai Weiwei recently appeared on Firing Line and suggested that political correctness is leading America down a dark path of authoritarianism.

He said that it is not unlike what happened in China during Mao’s Cultural Revolution.

He makes a compelling case.

The Daily Wire has details:

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Famed Chinese Dissident: U.S. ‘Already In Authoritarian State,’ ‘Dangerous’ Wokeism Like Mao Revolution

Chinese dissident Ai Weiwei, a famed artist and activist, warned Americans during an interview that aired late last week that they are already under the control of an authoritarian state, they just don’t realize it yet.

Weiwei said that the situation in China has become “more extreme, in terms of censorship, in terms of their tolerance to dissidents.” He later added that he was not hopeful for China’s future given the direction that China is going.

Later, when asked about authoritarianism in the U.S., Weiwei said “certainly, in the United States, with today’s condition, you can easily have an authoritarian.”

“In many ways, you’re already in the authoritarian state,” he said. “You just don’t know it.”

When asked how so, he responded, “Many things happening today in U.S. can be compared to Cultural Revolution in China.”

“Like people trying to be unified in a certain political correctness,” he continued. “That is very dangerous.”

Here’s the video:

PBS asked Chinese dissident, anti-communist artist Ai Weiwei about authoritarianism, hoping he would condemn Trump.

He says Trump isn’t authoritarian—and calls out wokeness as authoritarianism akin to Mao’s Cultural Revolution. The host is visibly upset.

— Ian Miles Cheong @ (@stillgray) November 15, 2021

He makes a good point, doesn’t he?

Just think about this.

Ai Weiwei, an artist and political refugee from China, said that WE have a dangerous amount of groupthink and political correctness running through our institutions.

— Brent A. Williams, MD (@BrentAWilliams2) November 16, 2021

Chinese human rights activist Ai Weiwei, who has been jailed by Communist China before, says that Americans are already living in an “authoritarian state,” but “just don’t know it.”

— MediaResearchCenter (@theMRC) November 16, 2021

Just to be clear, it is the left that is making this happen, not conservatives.

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