Chinese Olympic Skier Eileen Gu, Born and Trained in US, Wins Gold Medal, Won’t Say Whether She Gave Up Her US Passport to Ski for Communist China


American-born Chinese skier, Eileen Gu, won the gold medal in the Women’s Free Ski Mid Air competition in the Olympics.  In the presser afterward, she wouldn’t say whether she has a US or a Chinese passport.

We reported on American-born Eileen Gu who chose to compete in the Olympics with China rather than the US.  She is an Olympic athlete and a model.

She also supports BLM and spoke out against any suggestions that the coronavirus was a China Flu.

US Skier Eileen Gu Born in San Francisco Where They Teach You that America Sucks and Is Racist Will Compete for China at 2022 Olympics

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Gu is sponsored by several “American” companies.

Chinese skier Eileen Gu won the gold medal in a close contest on her last trip down the hill.  However, after the medal ceremony, she addressed questions but wouldn’t say whether she gave up her US citizenship to ski for China.  Sky News reports:

The International Olympic Committee requires all competitors to have a passport for the country they represent but China does not recognise dual-nationality.

Neither Gu, nor her many big-ticket sponsors, will say whether she gave up her American passport in order to transfer allegiance.

“Sport is a way we can unite people, it doesn’t need to be about nationality,” Gu said, “we are all out here together, pushing the human limits”.

“I grew up spending 25% of my time in China, I’m fluent in Mandarin and English and fluent culturally in both countries. When I’m in the USA, I’m American, when I’m in China, I’m Chinese.”

Here is a video of her presser:

It was widely reported before the games that she gave up her US passport to ski for Communist China.

So either Gu gave up her US passport or she has been given a unique deal by China to compete for that country but maintain her US passport.  She won’t say. She wants to attend Stanford in the fall.

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