DCCC Chair Maloney: Dems ‘Saved’ Every Small Business, Got Help to Schools That Are ‘Allowing Parents to Be in Control’


On Thursday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” DCCC Chair Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) said that during the State of Union President Joe Biden should talk about how Democrats, with the rescue plan “saved” every small business in the country and “supported the help for schools that are now allowing parents to be in control of their kids’ education, to kind of get back to normal.”

Maloney said, “Well, you’ve got to sell. You have to assume that no one knows anything. And you need to, in clear simple terms, like a human being, tell them what the heck we’ve been doing. Because it’s good stuff. We’re going to rebuild roads and bridges and airports and water systems. We’re going to get broadband to kids that don’t have it. We are going to get every lead drinking water pipe out of every system in America. I mean, my goodness, we’re investing in our own country. Look at the jobs we’re going to bring back, the manufacturing jobs, with the COMPETES Act, which is a bipartisan investment in bringing our supply chains and our manufacturing jobs back to America in the industries of the future. And how about the rescue plan? My goodness, you saved every business — small business in America. You surged support to our cops and our firefighters with the rescue plan. No Republicans voted for that, by the way. And you also supported the help for schools that are now allowing parents to be in control of their kids’ education, to kind of get back to normal. All of those things didn’t just happen. They were three — it’s a hat trick of historic measures that the Democratic Congress and this president have done in just one year. And my goodness, go out and tell people about it. That’s — and Joe Biden’s good at that. He should go tell the story.”

He later added that Democrats have to act on inflation, but inflation “wasn’t caused by anything anybody in Washington did, it was the pandemic. And we shut down the world economy and restarted it. There’s really strong demand, which is a good thing, by the way.”

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