DCCC Polling Shows Swing Voters Don’t Agree with Party’s Aggressive Policies


Recent internal polling from the Democrat Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) showed swing voters across the county believe the party went too far on some of their policies regarding defunding the police, coronavirus restrictions, and border issues.

The DCCC polling, first reported by SFGate, showed that 80 percent of swing voters in competitive districts agree that “Democrats in Congress support defunding the police and taking more cops off of the street.” This comes as reports have shown crime has risen in cities across the county, including Washington, DC.

Additionally, the internal poll found that 66 percent of swing voters in competitive districts agree that “Democrats in Congress have taken things too far in their pandemic response.”

There was also 78 percent of swing voters in competitive districts who agree that “Democrats in Congress have created a border crisis that allows illegal immigrants to enter the country without repercussions and grants them tax-payer funded benefits once here.”

Furthermore, there was 61 percent of swing voters in competitive districts who agree with the two statements “Democrats in Congress are spending money out of control,” and, “Democrats are teaching kids as young as five Critical Race Theory, which teaches that America is a racist country and that white people are racist.”

Fifty-nine percent also agreed that Democrats are too focused on pursuing an agenda that divides us and judging those who don’t see things their way.”

As the Democrats are poised to lose the House in the upcoming midterm election, SFGate noted that “The slide deck provides a snapshot into some of Democrats’ strategies as their outlook for the 2022 midterms grows increasingly grim.”

In response to the poll numbers, Mike Berg, a spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC), the DCCC’s Republican counterpart, said, “Voters know the truth about Democrats’ socialist agenda. Every vulnerable Democrat has a choice: retire or lose.”

The DCCC’s internal polls showed that the committee worked with an outside consulting group to conduct the polls, SFGate stated. The poll asked voters in the 60 most competitive House districts for the upcoming 2022 midterms between mid-January and early February. There were approximately 1,000 respondents, with the margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent.

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