Despite Far-Left Media Claims that CRT Does Not Exist – Teacher Who Spoke Out About CRT Is Punished for Telling the Truth (VIDEO)


Despite what media tells Americans, the Critical Race Theory is in full force across the nation as we write this.

Media pundits and Democrat mouthpieces continue to lie about CRT.  They claim it is not being taught in US schools currently.

We humbly present for your enjoyment: “The Critical Race Can Can”

— Tony Kinnett (@TheTonus) November 11, 2021

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However, this is clearly not true.  A brave teacher, Ramona Bessinger, who decided to speak out about CRT is now being punished.  This is the punishment for telling the truth.

Providence, Rhode Island middle school teacher Bessinger explains the dangers behind CRT and how it is keeping her from her students in the video below from ‘Eat the Press’ with Steve Malzberg.

At beginning of the video it becomes clear that CRT is ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE-IMPLICIT IN THE CULTURE.

The left is correct that there is not a “CRT” lesson being given. But it’s in the reading material, it’s in the language, libraries are being dismantled…..

At 2:40–She talks about how she faced a “culture of intimidation”.

At 6:15 into video–Bessinger states: “I am not going to allow them to win or we won’t recognize our country.”

She is currently not allowed to teach,  at a time when she says there is a teacher shortage.  She sits in a separate location away from the kids each day, but she says she will stay, she will not resign, she will do what is right for the country.

What do you think?

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