Developing: Justin Trudeau Warns Freedom Truckers from Hidden Bunker that Crackdown Is Coming after Late Night Meeting


Freedom Convoy protesters at Coutts Crossing in Alberta, Canada this week.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the Little Castro, warned that a crackdown is coming to end the anti-vaccine Freedom Convoy protests that are crippling Canada and disrupting the elites in Ottawa from getting to their city restaurants.

Castro reportedly held late meetings on Thursday with his cabinet ministers.

The Biden regime also urged Trudeau to act against the protesters.

It could be an exciting weekend.

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The Washington Examiner reported:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is ready to “respond with whatever it takes” to end the Freedom Convoy following a series of late-night meetings with opposition leaders, key Cabinet ministers, and senior officials.

The Canadian leader has been under intense pressure from not only politicians in his own country but also from the White House to end the demonstrations against vaccine mandates that have clogged the main arteries into major Canadian cities and blocked multiple bridges, crippling cross-border business.

“The prime minister and ministers will continue to work closely with all orders of government and local authorities to respond with whatever it takes to help provinces and municipalities end the blockades and bring the situation under control,” his office said in a statement following Thursday’s meetings.

U.S. officials have urged their Canadian counterparts to use federal powers to put an end to the protest.

A White House official said on Thursday that President Joe Biden is “being regularly briefed” on the protests.

During his pudding breaks.

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