Dodderer In Chief

Dodderer In Chief



 By A.F. Branco  February 13, 2024 at 7:02am

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Dodderer In Chief

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 By A.F. Branco  February 13, 2024

Reaction to ‘Black National Anthem’ Has Democratic Rep. Fuming Against Fans: ‘Not a Pretty Picture of Super Bowl Crowd’

“The AMERICAN national anthem doesn’t see color. Dems have been the front line in dividing this country with race wars.”

 By C. Douglas Golden  February 13, 2024

Christians Are Livid Over ‘He Gets Us’ Super Bowl Commercial – ‘Pure Blasphemy’

Jesus is cool. And he’s cool with our sin and stuff, right? ‘Cause he gets us. Wait a minute! What in the world is this ad saying?

 By Mike Landry  February 12, 2024

Swifties Enraged Over NFL Fans Loudly Booing Taylor Swift at Super Bowl – ‘SHE IS NOT RUINING FOOTBALL’

The boo birds were out in force when Taylor Swift appeared on the big screen Sunday during the Super Bowl at Allegiant Stadium.

 By Jack Davis  February 12, 2024

Just In: Judge in Fani Willis Case Says Alleged Relationship ‘Existed’ and Could Result in ‘Disqualification’

Willis has been accused of benefiting financially from the Georgia election interference case by hiring her lover as special counsel.

 By Randy DeSoto  February 12, 2024

Sen. J.D. Vance Discovers ‘Impeachment Time Bomb for the Next Trump Presidency’ Buried in Ukraine Bill

GOP Sen. J.D. Vance of Ohio experienced a case of déjà vu when he reviewed the text of the proposed military aid package for Ukraine.

 By Randy DeSoto  February 12, 2024

Next Super Bowl Instead of Foot-Washing, Why Not Show ‘The Passion of the Christ’ for 60 Seconds?

For $14 million, there was something else they could have shown, and it would have been 14 million times better.

 By Josh Manning  February 12, 2024

49ers Stars Had No Idea About Super Bowl Overtime Rules, What Their Strategy Was

In 2022, however, the league instituted new rules for the extra period for postseason games, including the Super Bowl.

 By Johnathan Jones  February 12, 2024

Biden Erupted with Rage Over Immigration News He Didn’t Like as Nasty WH Infighting Worsened Crisis: Report

Apparently, Biden’s border crisis is even worse behind the scenes.

 By Allison Anton  February 12, 2024

Biden Repeatedly Uses Vulgar Insult to Describe Israel Prime Minister Netanyahu: Report

President Joe Biden is making vulgar comments in private about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a new report says.

 By Jack Davis  February 12, 2024


Reaction to ‘Black National Anthem’ Has Democratic Rep. Fuming Against Fans: ‘Not a Pretty Picture of Super Bowl Crowd’


Fox News Mainstay Dies at Age 46: ‘He Was a Beloved Part of Our Team’