“Don’t Sit There and Give me this Talk. Grab a gun and go! Let me see your Heroism. Stand next to Zelensky” – Steve Bannon Rips Warmonger Ben Sasse (VIDEO)


Steve Bannon was a fired-up Irishman this St. Patrick’s Day morning on The War Room.

Bannon praised Jesse Watters following his segment last night challenging the Uniparty on their warped priorities.  The Biden Regime and US Congress has thrown everything they have to assist the Ukrainian government and people while they ignore the historic breach on our southern border.  Last month another 165,000 illegal aliens were apprehended and released into the United States.   Those were just the ones who got caught.  This is an invasion that is destroying the country and Republicans are mostly silent.

Our politicians would rather fight against the Russians than fight for us #JWP

— Jesse Watters Primetime (@jesseprimetime) March 16, 2022

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Steve Bannon: Ben Sasse, get a plane and fly over there today. Don’t sit there on these talk shows and give me this talk. Grab a gun and go. Let me see your heroism. Stand next to Zelensky. You can be the leader of the American legion over there. Go do it. It’s a free world brother, go do it! Wear the T-shirt. Get fully ripped and sit next to Zelensky and preach from there! Preach from there! More and more people are going to die.

It only got better after that.

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