Edison Cuts Power to SoCal Residents For Second Thanksgiving in a Row Due to High Winds to ‘Prevent Fires’


The largest utility in Southern California has once against cut power to hundreds of thousands of customers due to gusty Santa Ana winds.

This is the second Thanksgiving in a row some Southern California residents will be without electricity.

Southern California Edison told residents to stock up on first aid kits, bottled water, flashlights, fresh batteries and battery radios after cutting off power on Thanksgiving.

Do you know what to include in an outage preparedness and emergency kit?

Use these tips to help keep your family and home safe.

— SCE (@SCE) November 25, 2021

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Bloomberg reported:

The largest utility in Southern California cut power for more customers in the mountains near Los Angeles as strong winds raised the risk of wildfire, marking the second year in a row that parts of the region will spend Thanksgiving in the dark.

Edison International’s Southern California utility halted electricity to 57,156 homes and businesses in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino and Ventura counties as of 6:15 a.m. local time to avoid having live wires spark blazes as a wind storm bore down on the drought-stricken region. About 200,000 customer accounts could lose service in the regions around Los Angeles and San Diego, according to the local utilities.

Last Thanksgiving Edison International cut off power to homes in Southern California as a preventative measure against dry conditions and high winds.

The Socialist utopia of California: Where homelessness, used needles in the streets and deliberate power outages that resembles something out of India in the 1970’s or current day Venezuela and North Korea are the new norm.

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