Editor’s Pick: Fox on CNN’s ‘Meaningless’ Suspension of Chris Cuomo


On Tuesday, Fox News senior editor David Rutz and media reporter Joseph Wulfsohn reported  on “Shelley Ross, the veteran TV producer who accused Chris Cuomo of sexual harassment, suggested CNN’s suspension of its star anchor isn’t enough to hold him accountable for his involvement in his brother’s scandals.” The ABC News producer told Fox News: “There is more to accountability than a suspension.”

Ross went on to hammer the “meaningless” move by CNN: “Chris Cuomo has always maintained he was not an adviser, he was a brother. He lied to CNN and his viewers. He needs to publicly acknowledge his wrongdoing to women, to victims of sexual harassment, assault and gender bias, to his colleagues, to the other journalists he compromised or tried to, and to the viewers he misled.”

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