Elementary Student Forced to Wear N95 Face Mask Passes Out in Heat at LA School


California school children in masks

An elementary school who was forced to wear an N95 mask outside passed out in the LA heat this week.

California officials lifted the mask mandates in the state but not for the kids — who have next to zero chance of dying from COVID.

FOX11 LA reported:

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A parent told FOX 11 that an elementary school student in Beverly Hills who was forced to wear an N95 mask outdoors in extreme heat passed out due to dehydration.

Beverly Hills Unified School District Superintendent Dr. Michael Bregy and Hawthrone Elementary School Principal Sarah Kaber sent out a memo to parents Wednesday night stating that there was a medical incident early that day at Hawthorne Elementary.

The school officials said they were unable to disclose private information, but added that they wanted to “address the speculation about the heat, outdoor making lunchtime sports, and the impact these factors may have played in the incident.”

“We cannot assume causation between masks and the incident and have no evidence to suggest any correlation at this time,” the memo reads.

Hawthorne Elementary School and the BHUSD will continue to investigate circumstances that contributed to the incident.

Currently, the state of California requires all K-12 students and staff to wear masks indoors. And Los Angeles County also requires wearing masks outdoors on campus.

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