EXCLUSIVE: Archbishop Vigano Shares Letter with TGP Directed Towards Tomorrow’s Protesters Against Health Tyranny in Switzerland


Today TGP received a message from Archbishop Vigano in regards to freedom from tyranny masquerading as a vaccine.  We share this in its entirety.

Archbishop Vigano shared:

Allow me to send you the message that Dr Robert Kennedy jr with his Foundation (Children Health Defense) asked me to release on the occasion of an important demonstration in Bern (Switzerland), against the health dictatorship, this Friday 12 November. On the 13th, Dr. Kennedy will also be in Milan for another event, in which our mutual friend Francesco Toscano will also participate.

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We have highlighted the following excerpts from Archbishop Vigano’s message:

Allow me to ask you all some questions.

Are you protesting because of a limitation of your constitutional liberties, or because you realize that these first control measures are only the first step of a progressive cancellation of your individual liberty, absorbed by a State/Doctor that decides for you how to treat you, of a State/Master that decides if and when you can leave the house, work, go to a restaurant, and travel?

Are you demonstrating against the green pass and yet accepting the narrative about the pandemic and the vaccines, or have you realized that this colossal farce is based on a virus produced in a laboratory that has been spread in order to create an emergency pandemic that would give a pretext for placing all of humanity under control?

Have you taken to the streets because it annoys you to have to scan your QR-code in order to enter your office or factory and yet you have been inoculated with the experimental genetic serum, or have you realized that the so-called vaccines are ineffective, the risk of even grave adverse long- and short-term side effects, and that the pharmaceutical houses who are using you as guinea pigs have no responsibility, and that if you get sick or die they will not have to pay any damages or respond criminally to any court?

And this:

True freedom is instead the ability to act within the limits of the Good, and this is the freedom to which you ought to aspire, this the freedom that you ought to claim with courage and pride, this the freedom that “will set you free” (Jn 8:32).

See Archbishop Vigano’s full speech translated into English below:

AB Viganon – Demonstration in Switzerland 11-12-2021 by Jim Hoft on Scribd

Here is Archbishop Vigano’s speech in Italian.

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