Exclusive — Ezra Levant: Freedom Convoy Is Canada’s ‘Most Important Political’ Event ‘in My Lifetime’


Ezra Levant, founder and owner of Rebel News, described the ongoing Freedom Convoy in Canada as the most significant political event he had observed in his lifetime across the Great White North.

“This past ten days is the most freedom-oriented public expression of national identity I’ve ever seen in this country,” Levant declared on SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Sunday with host Joel Pollak. “The word ‘freedom,’ people of all racial and religious backgrounds, new Canadians, old-stock Canadians, all saying it together. Whether they’re vaxxed or unvaxxed, people are saying, ‘Enough.’”

Levant responded to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau frequent denigrations of his political detractors as bigots.

“‘When Trudeau says, ‘Oh, those truckers are just racists,’ it’s laughable,” Levant remarked, “because so many of them are visible minorities, new Canadians, whatever — and that’s an other thing — the normal weapons that work against the Conservative Party in Canada — ‘you’re racist, you’re transphobic, you’re alt-right’ — they seem to be bouncing off this convoy, partly because it’s so ethnically diverse, but mainly because literally one million Canadians have some first-hand experience with it. They saw it. They cheered it. They were in it, [or] they know someone who was, so it’s a tremendous clash of two narratives.”

Canadians are rejecting derisions of the trucker convoy demonstrations across the country as “racist,” Levant observed. He said there is “too much information” demonstrating the reality of the demonstrators’ conduct and philosophy for news media and politicians to overcome with dishonest narratives.

A sign of the times on the streets of Vancouver (Ethan Letkeman/Breitbart News)

A sign of the times on the streets of Vancouver (Ethan Letkeman/Breitbart News)

Levant stated, “This Trudeau narrative and the Media Party repeaters saying, ‘Oh, they’re just racist, sexist, January-6-Trump crazies, [and] were violent.’ That’s a very powerful message when it’s magnified by every mainstream media organization. But when you have a million people who saw things with their own eyes, and who see the videos of the Sikh truckers dancing the Bhangra, or the cowboys on horseback, there’s too much information that’s coming first-hand for the typical spears to work.”

A message for the legacy media in Vancouver (Ethan Letkeman/Breitbart News)

Time’s up: A message for the legacy media in Vancouver (Ethan Letkeman/Breitbart News)

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau recently characterized trucker protesters and supportive demonstrators as “conspiracy theorist” wearers of “tinfoil hats.”

He previously denigrated Canadian citizens politically opposed to him, sneering at members of “anti-vaxxer mobs” who are “racist,” “misogynistic,” and “don’t believe in science.”

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