Exclusive Interview With U.S. Congressional Candidate Eli Crane on The RINOS In AZ: “You Guys Have Seen The Fraud. You Know, It’s There.”


Former Navy SEAL and entrepreneur Eli Crane is running for U.S. Congress to challenge Rep. Tom O’Halleran in the general election. 

Crane calls for decertification of the 2020 election because he knows that it was stolen from President Trump. He will primary RINO Walt Blackman, who has falsely claimed, “There is nothing in the Constitution that says that we can decertify.”

After The Gateway Pundit wrote an article critical of Walt Blackman’s claims, Blackman’s wife framed TGP’s Conradson with a race hoax. These people do not belong in power.

Blackman was endorsed by RINO House Speaker Rusty Bowers, who has blocked critical election reform in the House, sided with Democrats after the 2020 election, and mocked State Representative Mark Finchem’s resolution to decertify Arizona’s fraudulent 2020 election.

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In an op-ed on, Crane writes, “Any Republican who refuses to support this resolution cannot call themselves a fighter for the America First agenda or the MAGA movement.”

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson spoke to Eli Crane about his campaign and the decertification of Arizona.

Conradson: What is your message to your opponent Walt Blackman, Speaker Rusty Bowers, and other RINOS in light of this resolution to decertify Arizona?

Crane: I would just say do the right thing. You guys have seen the fraud. You know, it’s there. You’ve seen the True The Vote. Presentation. You’ve seen the result of the audit. How can anybody that is a seeker of truth put their name, their stamp of approval, or their certification on that?

Conradson: So what are your thoughts on Mark Finchem’s resolution to decertify Maricopa Pima and Yuma county?

Crane: I think you know, I think it’s the only thing that needs to happen. It absolutely needs to happen. Like I said, if you’ve been following the results of this election in Arizona, I think one of the only places where they’re actually diving into what actually took place. I think it’s the only thing that we can do at this point to show that we’re taking steps in the right direction to making a wrong, right.

Conradson: So you’re running for Congress, who are your consultants and why are you running?

Crane: so my consultants are a firm out of Washington, DC called FP1. The reason I’m running is because I’m very concerned about the direction that this country is headed, and as a father and a Veteran I’m very concerned about the country that my kids are going to grow up in, how much freedom, and opportunity that they’re going to have. And again as a veteran, I’m concerned that a lot of the blood that we’ve lost overseas, many of my friends, I’m worried that their sacrifice is going to be lost. If men and women of courage and character don’t step up and get involved in local politics and federal politics.

I know some have been critical that I’m represented by a firm in DC. I can only say that FP1 has been great in letting me be me and I think that is pretty obvious when you listen to what I’m saying and what I’m focused on.

Conradson: What’s your response to those who say, you know, you’re an establishment candidate, or they tie you to Mark Cuban who’s been pretty outspoken about Trump. I know you guys are business partners, but what are your thoughts on that?

Crane: Well, I think that anybody that runs a business, has partners, or investors will tell you that they’re probably not aligned on every political issue. That’s something that you could absolutely say for myself and Mark Cuban. If you look at how I’ve actually run the business, by keeping our manufacturing in the USA, and even by offering Trump merchandise, make America great again, merchandise, it’s pretty clear that we’re not letting anybody else’s influence how we run our business.

Conradson: Are you an America First MAGA candidate?

Crane: Absolutely.

Eli Crane does not believe Arizona Governor Doug Ducey, Speaker Rusty Bowers, and other RINOs have the courage to decertify, and therefore, we must encourage them to fight for us.

Last week, he told the War Room posse,

“What I’m proposing should happen is that everybody that watches this show … continue to light up those phone lines. Make sure that you’re emailing the Rusty Bowers and Walt Blackmans of Arizona and ask them, ‘Hey, I thought you guys were gonna fight for us.’ … All of these individuals that represent us in the state Senate and the House, they know that this election was corrupted… and yet they won’t do anything about it.”

Contact members of the Arizona Legislature to push for decertification of Arizona’s fraudulent election.

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