EXCLUSIVE: Lisa Hook, the Former CEO of Neustar, the Firm Named in Recent Hillary Spying Activities, Ironically Was Also an Obama Appointee to His National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee


Lisa Hook was the CEO of Neustar, the firm that is now in the news for having been involved in Hillary’s spying on candidate and President Trump.  Ms. Hook was also 

Lisa Hook is described as a Chairperson and Advisor at Trilantic North America’s website as follows:

LISA HOOK is an American technology executive who served as President and CEO of Neustar (NYSE: NSR), a public global information and analytics services company, from 2010-2018. Previously, Ms. Hook held leadership positions at several Fortune 500 companies, including AOL, Time Warner and SunRocket. Ms. Hook also was a Partner at Brera Capital Partners, a global private equity investment firm, Managing Director of Alpine Capital Group, LLC, an investment banking firm, legal advisor to the Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, and a senior attorney at Viacom International, Inc. Ms. Hook received a juris doctorate from Dickinson School of Law at Pennsylvania State University and a bachelor’s degree from Duke University.

Neustar is in the news since last week as being involved in the Hillary Clinton efforts to spy on candidate and President Trump.

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Ms. Hook was also picked by Obama to the NSTAC in 2011.  Per the Wayback Machine from May 2011:

President Barack Obama has appointed Lisa Hook, President and CEO of Neustar, a leader in providing carriers and enterprises with solutions for sending calls, messages and content across networks worldwide, to the National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee (NSTAC).

The NSTAC is a group of up to 30 industry CEOs from major telecommunications companies, network service providers, information technology, finance and aerospace companies. The NSTAC provides the President with critical, collaborative advice and expertise as well as robust reviews and recommendations regarding national security, cybersecurity and emergency preparedness. The NSTAC’s goal is to develop recommendations to the President to assure vital telecommunications links through any event or crisis and to help the U.S. Government maintain a reliable, secure, and resilient national communications posture.

“I’m honored to have been selected to join the President’s National Security Telecommunications Advisory Committee,” said Hook, “and I look forward to working with my colleagues to provide the President with critical advice aimed at ensuring the reliability, preparedness and security of our increasingly complex Internet and telecommunications infrastructure.”

What a small world. 

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