“FJB!” – Trump Supporters Line the Street to Welcome 81 Million Vote Recipient Joe Biden in Minnesota (VIDEO)


Joe Biden on Tuesday traveled to Minneapolis to deliver remarks on the newly signed infrastructure law.

Trump supporters lined the streets to greet 81 million vote recipient Joe Biden as his presidential motorcade pulled into the Dakota County Technical College parking lot.

The protesters held “FJB” signs and shouted “F*ck Joe Biden! Piece of sh*t!” as Biden’s motorcade drove by.

VIDEO (language warning):

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Biden’s welcome in Minnesota today:

— Libs of Tik Tok (@libsoftiktok) December 1, 2021

The White House pool report on the protesters was brutal.

“There were maybe 100 anti-Biden folks. Trump flags waved. A green sign said “Build Back Broke”

Other signs, some hand drawn, read:


“You Suck”

“High Gas – C’mon man”

“Trump still president”

WH pool report on 100 protesters greeting Biden’s motorcade in Minnesota, via @toddgillman

— Alana Goodman (@alanagoodman) November 30, 2021

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