FLASHBACK: NINE TIMES the Obama Regime Fought Subpoenas or Blocked Democrat Officials from Testifying Before Congress


As Steve Bannon waits in handcuffs by US Marshals before his hearing this morning, this is a good time to point out how unprecedented his indictment is in American history. This has not happened in 40 years.

But we are in a post-constitutional period today and this is what happens to opposition candidates. Joseph Stalin would be so proud.

Here are NINE TIMES the Obama regime blocked or fought Congressional subpoenas.

Via PJ Media in June 2019.

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Notice how this list of infractions had real-world consequences and were not requests from some unconstitutional committee on a fake insurrection.

1. Eric Holder held in contempt and refuses to provide subpoenaed Fast & Furious documents

2. Lois Lerner refuses to testify on IRS targeting

3. Ben Rhodes not allowed to testify on Iran Nuclear Deal

4. Treasury officials blocked from testifying on Obamacare subsidies

5. White House refuses to allow political director to testify

6. Justice Kagan’s Obamacare conflict on interest

7. Refusal to provide subpoenaed Solyndra documents

8. Refusing to let the White House social secretary testify on party crashers scandal

9. Fighting subpoenas in the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation investigation

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