how people can pretend Trump was worse/Biden better

I dont understand people who still support Biden.

Even with war added to his long list of failures, his voters still justify and support his spineless incompetence.

Why isn’t Biden opening up the Keystone Pipeline instead of continuing to purchase oil from Russia?

Oil hits $105 per barrel, Biden enriches Putin and makes Russia’s energy a priority & finances the Russian war, he has imposed more sanctions on our own oil & gas industry rather than Russia’s.

He has spent months emboldening Russia and Putin by being weak on foreign policy, removing sanctions on the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Lobbying Senate Democrats to filibuster and block sanctions on Russia

In fewer than 11 months, this administration has:

•Killed the Keystone XL Pipeline

•Threatened to plug the Canada-to-Michigan Enbridge Line 5 pipeline

•Halted oil leases in a sliver of Alaska’s Arctic National Wildlife Refuge

•Stopped oil and gas leases on federal lands

•Proposed a methane tax that could cost this industry <$10 billion/yr

•Encouraged Left-wing activists to pressure financiers to defund oil companies

Biden was also supposed to handle covid better than Trump but did just in fact worse and this with a vaccine.

He also is worse on the border while we are facing homeless/housing crisis, he doesn’t do anything to help America’s poor.

He forgives PPP money and those corporations don’t have to pay a dime of that back but he refuses to do student loan forgiveness.

Joe Biden in 2019: “Imagine what can happen in Ukraine” if Trump is reelected… yeah well we all know how that turned out now…

Biden’s twin failures on energy and foreign policy gave Putin tools to invade and the pipeline was widely viewed as a way to empower Russia to overrun Europe.

What do you think?

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