How The Media’s Narrative Rule About Shooters Helps Their Leftist Tilt

How The Media’s Narrative Rule About Shooters Helps Their Leftist Tilt

The media has a rule when it comes to media coverage of mass shootings in the United States. If the mass shooting can somehow be linked to a Right-wing cause, then Americans must question the entire conservative infrastructure in the United States. If somebody can tangentially be linked to a conservative show or politician, we have to question the very premises of conservatism itself — because obviously every terrible iteration of Right-wing ideology is telescoped into some evil white supremacist shooter.

But — if a mass shooter is a Left-winger, then it’s probably a gun or oppression of some sort. Or, perhaps it’s mental illness.

Here is the way the math works when we have the latest iteration of this particularly stupid narrative device.

In an attempted shooting at Joel Osteen’s packed Houston area megachurch on Sunday, reports said the shooter had previously written anti-Semitic rants, had a history of mental health issues, and used an AR-15 with a “Palestine” sticker.

Not only that, but this woman also called herself Jeffrey, and according to authorities, was placed under an order for emotional detention. She was transported to a medical facility in 2016 because she was thought to be dangerous to herself and other people.

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But then this person was let out. This woman carried along her seven-year-old son to the shooting, and then opened fire as hundreds of people were taking their pews. After opening fire, she was shot by two off-duty officers working security at the church. The young boy, caught in the crossfire, was shot in the head.

The Houston police department first had to determine what pronoun to call the shooter — because this is how stupid our society is now. We have a mass shooter who tries to kill hundreds of people at a church and the first question is, “How can we treat this mass shooter’s gender delusions with respect?”

The Houston police ran an entire investigation to figure out exactly which pronouns to use. Apparently, we must take all proper care to ensure people who attempt to murder other people are called by the gender pronouns the person has selected.

We have had a spate of shootings by people who are trans-identified in the United States. The spate of shootings, if it were any other demographic group in the United States — particularly if it were white young men — would prompt all sorts of questions about the evils of young white men from the media. 

But if they are trans, then the shootings just disappear off the front pages immediately. The Colorado Springs shooter identified as non-binary. The Denver shooter identified as trans, the Aberdeen shooter identified as trans, and famously, the Nashville shooter at a church school identified as trans.

It is also worthwhile here to point out that this particular shooter was a radical Left-winger who had a “Palestine” sticker on her gun. This particular church happened to be attended by a largely pro-Israel audience.

Further, it is worth pointing out again how the narrative process works. For example, when three Muslim-American university students were shot in Vermont a few months ago, the entire media went berserk, suggesting that this must have been some form of Right-wing attack on Muslim students, that this was a spate of “Islamophobia.”

At the time, the media were trying to establish a parallel between “Islamophobia” and anti-Semitism in the United States, the latter of which has radically spiked. It’s the reason why Joe Biden put out a statement on this particular shooting. There are lots of shootings in the United States every single day, particularly in places like Chicago. But this one drove attention from the White House because it backed a particular narrative.

However, as it turns out, that narrative actually didn’t work because the shooter in this particular case had expressed support for Hamas in the past.

The story magically disappeared from the headlines.


Every time you see a shooting and the media declare whether the shooting is a national story or a local news story, look for the narrative; it tells you exactly where the media are on every single issue.

The media are pro-trans and the media are anti-Israel. And because they are pro-trans and anti-Israel, this current story will disappear as if it never happened. We’ll pretend that the ideological motivations of this person absolutely do not matter, and the media will then revert to centering on mental illness.

But the media couldn’t have realized this person had a mental illness problem until this person actually participated in a shooting. So again, the media’s structure is undefeated: narrative above fact, every single time.


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