HUGE EXCLUSIVE: A British Operative Inserted Himself into President Trump’s White House to Tarnish Trump and Derail the 2020 Election Audit


A British operative was inserted into President Trump’s White House in an effort to tarnish President Trump’s image and then derail the 2020 Election audit efforts.

We’ve previously reported that an individual named Don Berlin inserted a document into President Trump’s inner circle days before Jan 6 in an effort to set President Trump up for perceived insurrection.  A summary of this document was then scooped up by the Jan 6 committee and shared with multiple media outlets in an attempt to claim he attempted an insurrection after the 2020 Election steal.

EXCLUSIVE: DOD Operative Don Berlin Set Up President Trump for Sedition With Tainted Election Dossier — Who Paid This Guy?

We now know that Berlin wasn’t alone.  Another individual, Andrew Whitney, with connections to British Intelligence, also wormed his way into President Trump’s inner circle in an effort to tarnish President Trump and then derail the post-2020 Election audit efforts.

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Andrew Whitney claimed in one resume where he is listed on the Board of Phoenix Biotechnology, Inc., that he formerly worked for Bain and Co consulting and more.

Whitney claimed in another resume at Future in Review, that he worked at Bain and Co.  Among other items, it’s claimed that:

Andrew is a former Reserve member of two branches of the UK Armed Forces and enjoys shooting, motorcycles, cars, skiing, and films.

There is also a third resume for Whitney at Cimarron Capital.

When looking at all three resumes for Andrew Whitney, we know the following:

1. All three bios are consistent about Whitney’s experience at Bain & Co, and Bain Leveraged, His buyout practice, and the claim to be a postgraduate at Cambridge.

2. The earliest of these three bios appears to be the Andrew Whitney – Future in Review, where it is indicated that he has 16 years of experience as an entrepreneur.

3. In the Cimarron bio, his claim to have worked as a “market maker” on the London Stock Exchange, while employed by the FTSE energy stock in 1989, appears questionable, in that he would have been only 18 or 19 years old at that time.

4. The Cimarron bio is also the only place where he states he wrote Masters and PhD dissertations. A search of revealed a number of articles that Whitney collaborated on at Cambridge, but no document was located that was specifically titled to address the post-Soviet Russian energy sector.

5. The Phoenix Biotechnology bio states that he has 25 years of experience in the licensing and management of IP rights. There is no specific mention of that in the previous two bios.

Whitney used these resumes as a means to worm himself into President Trump’s orbit.  He was introduced to President Trump and attempted to push an untested solution for COVID-19 in the summer of 2020.  Per a hit piece in the Washington Post in August 2020, Andrew Whitney met with President Trump in the White House pushing a remedy for COVID-19 that no one previously heard of. WaPo writes:

Trump has solicited advice on the virus from a medley of voices, with anyone gaining access to him able to bend his ear about possible treatments. The chorus includes Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham, who has paid regular visits to the Oval Office to discuss hydroxychloroquine, the anti-malarial drug that Trump promoted as a cure for the coronavirus despite scientific studies showing that the drug if used as a treatment could have deadly side effects.

The president recently hosted Andrew Whitney, a biopharmaceuticals executive on the board of a company called Phoenix, who met in the Oval Office with Trump. Whitney, who has a limited health background, pitched Trump on a botanical extract called oleandrin as a treatment for the coronavirus, according to two senior administration officials with knowledge of the discussion.

There are numerous businesses identified when performing a search of businesses connected to Andrew Whitney.  One business among many connected to Whitney is Rook Perspectives, LLC.  This company is connected to Whitney’s brother, Mark Andrew Whitney (dressed in his military uniform below).  

Per Internet searches of Rook Industries, there is one employee and less than $100,000 in sales.  Its website doesn’t work and its address is at a residential house in Las Vegas.  There are multiple other questions regarding the companies that Whitney is connected to.  There is also no information supporting Whitney’s claims that he worked at Bain Capital.

The residence attached to Rook Industries has a unique satellite dish on its roof.  This is a dish that is not located on any of the residences nearby.  The presence of an unusual dish configuration at the residence is highly suspect. The dish’s mounting is distinctly different from every other similar dish in the immediate neighborhood. Such a dish is not generally used for satellite, television or internet service; instead, it is used for long-range microwave transmission communications from within the dwelling. Even more curious, Mark Whitney is allegedly stationed in the UAE from July 2017, and all indications are that he departed the United States.

Both Whitney Brothers have served in the British Military. Andrew in the elite Special Air Service, and Mark as an Active RAF pilot.  Mark has a strong background in the Military, with increasing ranks and responsibilities. He was in the British Royal Air Force with assignments in the UK, Canada, and the United States.

Mark does not overtly show any intelligence or operational experience or activity, to include a history of the same, but it is possible that he is or was serving under non-official cover (NOC) for the foreign service. This is especially true given his connection to CAE and its US affiliate and their very close relationship to Military Intelligence, the Special Operations Community, and the Intelligence Community. NOCs of this sort are not operational officers for insertion purposes.  They are “transfer agents” or reports officers, and obtain the data from whomever they may be handling (possibly Andrew) and transmit it back to their handler.

Mark’s brother, Andrew Whitney, has a background in intelligence and continues to hold an association with the British Special Air Service SAS as a Reserve Officer since at least 2002.

Andrew Whitney was inserted into President Trump’s orbit more than once.  He was present after the 2020 Election as well. 

We’ll discuss this and more in our next article on Andrew Whitney.

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