“I Really Want Edmond to DIE. I’ll Be So Happy, I’ll Have a F*cking Party.” – School Board Member’s Deranged Father Stalks Parents And Wishes Them Dead


A Scottsdale School Board member was recently caught by parents harvesting their personal information and using his creepy father, Mark Greenburg to stalk them.

The same disrespectful little beta male previously accused these parents of being neo-nazis, then said: “Jesus f— Christ, these people”, into the microphone after a parent’s public comment.

The Gateway Pundit reported that private personal information was placed in a public Google drive by School Board President Jann-Michael Greenburg and his father Mark.

Scottsdale School Board Member Publicized Parents’ Social Security Numbers, Divorce Proceedings, Financial Records In Effort To Track Outspoken Parents

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The Google drive contains hours of screen-recorded footage of stalking social media pages, home listings, divorce records, social security numbers, memes of parents, photos of their children, and more.

One file named “ADULTERER POST” contains a screenshot of a Facebook comment by a parent that alledges adultery in the Greenburg family and laughs at Greenburg for having no kids and living with his parents despite being 26 years old. Another file named “PEOPLE WHO LIKED ADULTERY QUOTE”  contains a screenshot of all who liked the post.

This is disturbing. The school board president who has no children used his father to spy on his political enemies, a.k.a. his constituents.

Mark Greenburg also recorded and photographed parents from his motorcycle outside of the school, dressed in all black with a helmet to hide his face. Parents had seen him time and time again taking photographs. He also used a body camera to document everybody.

Amanda Wray was one of the prime targets of Jann-Michael’s and Mark Greenburg’s harassment.

In one creepy motorcycle recording, Mark told school officials that he was going to sue Amanda Wray sometime in the “next two weeks” for making what he referred to as “false allegations”.

One school official detailed Amanda’s complaint to police about Mark Greenburg, moments earlier. Amanda was rightfully afraid for her safety.

Greenburg then asked this woman if she would be willing to sign an affidavit and she agreed.

The three women laughed at Amanda for her fears. I bet they would love a creepy man following them with a camera…

Amanda Wray retweeted part of the video.

Greenburg: They don’t like having their picture taken I’ll tell you that.

Official: She already complained, Amanda Wray already complained to the police that she’s worried about you being here and that you have threatened her in the past.

Greenburg: She doesnt know that’s me though… So, She was one of the first cars here and I pulled my motorcycle directly facing her car and she has no idea that I even have a motorcycle. And I covered up my license plate. Shes just a lunatic.

Official: So yucky.

Greenburg: Somewhere around here we have a private investigator writing down all their plates.

Oh Marky, I didn’t know you had a motorcycle, but I only have one stalker. Wonder what the dinner table convo is right now? Who is more upset? You for uploading your body cam and not password protecting your dossier? Or @JannGreenburg for sending the URL address and inviting us?

— AWray (@AmandaWray) November 12, 2021

In another clip, Mark Greenburg wishes death upon one of the parents.

While stalking parents’ Facebook posts, Greenburg said on a recording, “I really want Edmond to die. I’ll be so happy, I’ll have a f*cking party.”

From the #susdgreenburgfiles “I really want Edmond to die. I’ll be so happy, I’ll have a fucking party.” Is that @JannGreenburg that responds “I wonder if the AG’s office has anything else?” Sounds like him. What’s he worried about I wonder? @GoldwaterInst @GeneralBrnovich

— ScottsdaleStudentsFirst (@ScottsdaleStud1) November 11, 2021

The Gateway Pundit reported on the district’s terrible response to this news, where they deny any wrongdoing claiming this publicized information is “in relation to discipline cases under its consideration”.

This is appalling.

What do you think?

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