“Ignore the Lunatic Fringe that Exists in Every Society” – Tyrannical St. Louis Health Director on the People Who Oppose Regime’s COVID Policies


St. Louis lunatic Health Director, Faisal Khan, connected at the hip to corrupt St. Louis County Commissioner Sam Page, is caught again showing his hate for the people he is hired to help.

This past summer St. Louis Health Director, Dr. Faisal Khan, claimed his constituents called him racial slurs but video proved he lied.  He made it all up.

BUSTED! StL County Health Director Dr. Faisal Khan Caught in HATE HOAX! Accused Anti-Maskers of Shouting Racial Slurs and Shoving Him — VIDEO PROVES HE LIED!

Dr. Faisal is close to the much-hated tyrannical St. Louis County Commissioner, Sam Page, who initiated insane COVID lockdowns despite them being voted down by his County Council.

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On Tuesday Dr. Khan, who lacks any long-term tenure on his resume and who is unlicensed himself, claimed in an email that the people who oppose his insane policies are ‘lunatics’.

Dr. Bob Onder, a physician who also serves as a Missouri State Senator, reported on the outburst.

‘Lunatic fringe’and ‘irrelevant fools’ – this is what unlicensed Faisal Khan thinks about the people who pay his salary. #FireKhan #EndCOVIDTyranny@ChiefTimFitch⁩ ⁦@BenBrownTweets#moleg

— Dr. Bob Onder (@BobOnderMO) November 25, 2021

FOX News reports:

Dr. Faisal Khan, the acting health director in St. Louis County, faced criticism after an email emerged where he called opponents of COVID-19 restrictions “a lunatic fringe,” according to a report.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch reported that it obtained the Tuesday email from Khan to staffers at the department. His email praised the employees for their efforts during the pandemic, and he urged them to “ignore the lunatic fringe that exists in every society.”

“They were there one hundred years ago and will likely be around 100 years in the future,” he wrote, according to the report. “They are irrelevant fools.”

It’s time for Dr. Khan to update his resume again.  

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