In Huge Blow to DC Attorney General, Judge Dismisses Portion of Inauguration Lawsuit Against Trump Org


A superior court judge on Monday dismissed a portion of a 2017 inauguration lawsuit against the Trump Organization.

The lawsuit, brought by DC Attorney General Karl Racine, claimed Trump’s inaugural committee “wasted” $1 million renting ballrooms at Trump’s DC hotel.

Imagine that. A Democrat worried about wasting money.

Judge José López said the plaintiff didn’t reach the “extreme burden” needed to prove a “waste” claim.

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“In short, there is no genuine dispute that the value paid for the space at the Trump Hotel reaches the extreme burden that Plaintiff need to carry a waste claim to its fruition,” Judge José López wrote.

ABC News reported:

The Trump Organization secured a partial victory on Monday as a Washington, D.C., superior court judge [Lopez] dismissed a portion of a lawsuit brought by the D.C. attorney general over actions by former President Donald Trump’s 2017 Presidential Inaugural Committee.

But López did allow the case to proceed, in part, on the claim of “private inurement” — the question of whether the inaugural committee used their funds for private benefit and not for nonprofit purposes — which means the case could proceed to trial.

The ruling removed the Trump Organization as a named defendant in the case, yet still keeps the former president’s Washington hotel as a named defendant, as well as the inaugural committee itself.

The judge ordered a status hearing be held in February to determine how the remaining parties want to proceed.

Trump’s Inaugural Committee raised $107 million and ended up giving $3 million not spent on festivities to charity and the DC Attorney General is nitpicking how $1 million was spent on ballrooms.

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