“It’s Jawdropping” Senator Johnson on China and Russia Negotiating for Biden Administration in a Deal with Iran


Larry Kudlow had Republican Senator Ron Johnson on his show on Wednesday. They discussed Biden’s insane actions with Iran.

Larry Kudlow began his show by discussing the Biden gang’s insane actions with Iran.

Kudlow: More insanity over the subject of Iran.  And apparently, not only are we getting closer and closer to a deal with Iran, which I couldn’t imagine anything worse.  But we’re also, I just heard this today, perhaps you heard it too sir, the White House or the State Department is going to reclassify the revolutionary guard, they’re no longer going to be terrorists, the revolutionary guard, the biggest terrorist killers in the Middle East or God knows where.  What you think of that Senator?  Iran revolutionary guard?

Senator Johnson: Larry it’d be awful.  It’ll be outrageous actually.  This administration… has weakened this country with its open borders, out of control spending, record inflation, the embarrassing and dangerous surrender in Afghanistan, but maybe one of the more embarrassing things is the way he went crawling back to Iran to get back in that JCPOA and the Iranians wouldn’t even meet with us.  So guess who’s negotiating the deal for us?  China and Russia.  You think they’re going to negotiate in our best interest?

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…We’re relieving sanctions on all kinds of terrorists.  Probably deliver billions of dollars in cash to release hostages which will just incentivize more hostage taking.  It’s jaw dropping what this administration is contemplating doing.  I hope it becomes public…

…At a minimum it should be deemed a treaty and come before the Senate.

Kudlow says we need a media assault to bring to light this deal.  We’re going to allow them to sell oil.  Just a week ago Iran targeted and bombed a US base in Iraq.  Yet Biden is moving forward with this insane deal.

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Takes Credit for the Rocket Attack on US Base in Erbil, Iraq — 10 Days After Iran Asked Biden to Remove them from Terror List

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