Joe Biden Praises Milwaukee Bucks at White House for Protesting Police Shooting of Sex Offender and Police Brawler Jacob Blake (VIDEO)


Joe Biden praised the NBA champions, the Milwaukee Bucks, for protesting the Jacob Blake shooting in Kenosha.

The shooting of Blake resulted in mass riots that destroyed the city’s business district and caused millions in damage.

PRES. BIDEN: “Last year, the [Milwaukee Bucks] took a stand for justice and peace in the wake of Jacob Blake’s shooting in Kenosha, Wisconsin…I remember calling your coach. You got people engaged in the vote and the political process. You encouraged fans to get vaccinated.”

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) November 8, 2021

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No charges were filed against the police officers in the Jacob Blake shooting after it was revealed Blake was reaching for a knife as he was shot.

Democrats and Joe Biden support this.

Kenosha DA Announces No Charges will be Filed Against Police Officers in Jacob Blake Shooting – National Guard on Standby

Mediaite reported:

The Milwaukee Bucks became the first NBA championship team to visit the White House since 2016 and they were praised by President Joe Biden for something the previous administration would have chastised them for.

With former president Donald Trump often going to war with leagues, teams, and athletes for not sticking to sports, Biden celebrated the Bucks for being politically engaged.

“Last year as a team, you took a stand for justice and peace in the wake of Jacob Blake’s shooting in Kenosha, WI,” Biden said to the Bucks while standing next to Finals MVP Giannis Antetokounmpo.

As racial unrest ravaged the United States in 2020, the Bucks boycotted Game 5 of their first round playoff series to protest the police officer shooting of Jacob Blake. Milwaukee’s decision led other NBA teams to follow suit and sparked a stunning domino effect of boycotts throughout the sports world.

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