JUST IN: Ottawa Police Chief Resigns Amid Freedom Convoy Protest


Canada – Ottawa police chief Peter Sloly resigned on Tuesday, according to Canadian outlet CBC.

Breaking : CBC sources say Peter Sloly has resigned as Ottawa’s Police Chief and will publicly announce he is stepping aside after the Ottawa Police Services Board meeting today

— Judy Trinh (@judyatrinh) February 15, 2022

CBC reported:

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Peter Sloly has resigned as Ottawa’s police chief and will publicly announce his resignation after the Ottawa Police Services Board meeting today, sources tell CBC News.

The former chief has been criticized over his handling of a truck convoy protest that has caused major disruptions to Ottawa’s downtown core.

Sloly’s resignation comes as sources tell CBC News he’s been accused of bullying and volatile behaviour that has damaged relations with senior leadership and compromised the force’s ability to cope with the truck protest.

Multiple sources have told CBC News that Sloly allegedly belittled and berated senior Ottawa Police Service officers in front of their colleagues, and has failed to put forward a solid operations plan to end the crisis.

Sources say he allegedly has come into conflict with members of the OPP and RCMP tasked with assisting the city’s law enforcement efforts during the crisis.

Recall, Peter Sloly vowed to prosecute the truck drivers participating in the peaceful freedom convoy protest.


Ottawa police Chief Peter Sloly says the “goal is to end the demonstration” in the city, adding that police will be “bringing significantly greater resources to restore order.”


— Rebel News (@RebelNewsOnline) February 4, 2022

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