JUST IN: Woke, Fully Vaccinated LeBron James Tests Positive for Covid-19


Despite being fully vaccinated against the virus, woke China sellout LeBron James tested positive for Covid-19 on Tuesday.

JUST IN – Fully vaccinated NBA player LeBron James tests positive for #COVID19.

— (@disclosetv) December 1, 2021

According to TMZ, Lebron has been placed into the NBA’s Covid protocol program and will miss several upcoming games, including tonight’s matchup against the Sacramento Kings.

A couple of hours before tipoff this afternoon, James tested positive for COVID-19 with a lateral flow test. He was given a follow-up PCR test, but that test came back negative. Only after LeBron was then given a third “tie-breaker” test – which came back positive – was he placed in the NBA’s isolation program.

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James will have to stay away from the team for either the next 10 days as he isolates himself under the NBA program, or submit two negative PCR tests before he can return to the court.

Lebron is asymptomatic at this point in time, and TMZ confirmed that he is fully vaccinated.
His positive test comes just after several recent incidents on the court in which Lebron’s temper tantrums and childish antics have resulted in making headlines.
Instead of letting his play speak for itself, he has repeatedly caused issues in games this week, starting with punching an opposing player in the face, leading to a 20-player brawl breaking out which garnered the 35-year-old James the first suspension of his career – to kicking out two fans for smack-talking him on the sidelines – and finally making an obscene gesture during a game over the weekend, earning him a $15,000 fine from the league office. his temper tantrum is being fueled by the lackluster start to the year for his team (LA sits at just 11-11) and, more importantly to him, a down performance in his numbers across the board.Enjoy your timeout, Lebron.

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