Kemp Shreds Democrats Over Biden’s Border Crisis: ‘Controlled Every Branch’ And Did Nothing To Fix It

Kemp Shreds Democrats Over Biden’s Border Crisis: ‘Controlled Every Branch’ And Did Nothing To Fix It

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp ripped President Joe Biden during an interview over the weekend on the national security and human rights catastrophe on the U.S. southern border.

Kemp made the remarks when asked by ABC News’s Jonathan Karl on Sunday about Republicans in the U.S. Congress shooting down a controversial border bill that was introduced last week in the Senate.

“It was not a very productive week in Washington, D.C., whether it was for the Congress or for the president,” Kemp said. “And I think that’s what frustrates people when you look around the country and it’s why – you know I talked yesterday about what Republican governors are doing and showing leadership on issues and getting things done.”

“I think people in D.C. ought to be voting on policy, not what somebody’s telling them what to do. That’s just my personal opinion,” he continued. “But I also think, for President Biden, trying to pass the buck and blame Republicans now about the issue at the border, it’s just a simple lack of leadership.”

Kemp said that he spoke with Democrats in the Senate more than a year ago and told them to “secure the dang border.”

“That’s what the people want. The governors are willing to help in those efforts. You can see how successful it has been with what Greg Abbott’s done in Texas,” he continued. “But look, we can’t just secure one state’s border. We’ve got to secure the whole southern border. And it takes the president to do that. He could do that or start doing that today and quit passing the buck on, you know, some legislation that pass – you know, that didn’t pass this week, when we’ve been dealing with his issue for years now.”


“And I would remind people across the country, Joe Biden and the Democrats controlled every branch of the – you know, the legislative and the executive branch from 2020 to 2022 and did nothing on this issue when Republican governors were begging them to – to act,” he continued.


Passing the buck is not the sort of leadership Americans need from their President.

Joe Biden has all the authority he needs to secure the border right now, and it’s long past time he step up and act.

— Governor Brian P. Kemp (@GovKemp) February 11, 2024


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