Las Vegas Woman Arrested After Refusing to Wear Mask on Flight, Shouting ‘Let’s Go Brandon!’


A Las Vegas woman was arrested and removed from her Allegiant Air flight while shouting “let’s go Brandon” after refusing to wear a mask.

Katrina Alspaugh was arrested by the Las Vegas Metro Police at McCarran International Airport. She faces one charge of violating airport rules following the incident last Sunday.

Alspaugh was heard shouting “Let’s Go Brandon,” along with “obscenities” as she was wheeled off the jet bridge in a wheelchair, KTVX reported.

“The woman, later identified as Alspaugh, had been involved in a prior incident at the security checkpoint, police said. During that incident, Alspaugh reportedly attempted to punch another passenger that pointed out Alspaugh was not wearing her mask, police said,” according to a report from ABC4.

The other passenger involved in the confrontation declined to press charges, so Alspaugh was allowed to board her flight.

“When officers arrived at the Allegiant flight gate, Alspaugh was standing on the jet bridge. An airline representative had removed her from the flight and issued her a trespass notice from the company,” the local report continued.

Following her arrest, she was booked into the Clark County Detention Center.

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