LIVE AUDIO-FEED: Missouri GOP Senators Filibuster the RINO 6-2/5-3 Redistricting Bill in Senate Assembly


On Monday night, Senate Republicans in Missouri voted down an attempt to create a map of Congressional districts that would place the state in a 7-1 Republican hold.  14 Republicans joined all the State Democrats to defeat the bill. 

We reported on this previously. In Missouri, the Republicans created a map that benefits the Democrat Party in this year’s redistricting effort.  In Missouri where President Trump won the 2020 Election by nearly 20%, the state is now redistricting its Congressional districts.  This effort has been secretive. RINOs in the state are attempting to push through the redistricting as quickly as possible that favors Democrats.

While Republicans in several states including Missouri are giving up Congressional seats to Democrats, the Democrats are vicious in their attempts to reshape maps that give them every possible seat imaginable in blue states.

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On Monday night a vote was held on GOP Senator Bill Eigel’s effort to put together a map that benefitted the Republican Party in the state.  The vote was defeated after 14 RINOs joined with the 10 state senate Democratss to turn down a plan that best benefits the Republican Party.

14 Republicans joined 10 Democrats to defeat ⁦@BillEigel⁩’s “7-1 Map” #StopThePelosiMap #moleg

— Dr. Bob Onder (@BobOnderMO) February 8, 2022

Here’s the vote tally.

But the conservative Republicans did not give up.

Tonight several Missouri Senate Republicans are holding a filibuster to block the RINO-Democrat bill to give Democrats extra seats in the US House of Representatives.

Senator Bob Onder is live-streaming the filibuster on his Facebook page tonight.

Senator Onder wants ALL of St. Charles County in ONE District. This is a DEEP RED area in Missouri outside of St. Louis City.

** HERE is the live audio feed from tonight’s proceedings.

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