Maher Mocks Continued Mask Mandates: In San Francisco, You Have to Wear a Mask ‘When You’re Shoplifting Indoors’


On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher joked about mask mandates in California by remarking that “in San Francisco, you have to have the mask on when you’re shoplifting indoors,” and telling local politicians to get their apologies ready for when they get caught breaking mask rules during the Super Bowl.

Maher said, “Of course, for the Super Bowl…mask mandate, still have the mask mandate for the Super Bowl. So, local politicians, prepare your apologies now. Because — yeah, we’re one of the last states to have this. But, yeah, Super Bowl, you have to wear the mask, except when you’re eating or drinking, really. Because in America, stuffing your face is a religious exemption, I just want you to know. But here’s the interesting thing: California, the mask mandate is off, except for L.A. County — well, some counties, but L.A. County. So, if you’re driving through, you can have no mask, but when you hit the county line, you’ve got to put it on, except when someone gives you a hot dog, then you can take it off, what the CDC calls following the science. Most of the states now, though, are ditching the mask mandates, but again, here, it’s spotty. San Francisco, as of this hour, anyway, still [has] the mask [mandate] — well, in San Francisco, you have to have the mask on when you’re shoplifting indoors, but then you can get rid of it for your getaway.”

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