Maskless LA School Board Member Reads To Masked Children In Photo-Op For Re-Election Bid


As the public endures nearly two years of forced compliance with illogical and hazardous Covid regulations,  lawmakers demanding Covid make clear they are above the law and tyrannical mandates they demand we adhere to.

Los Angeles school board member Nick Melvoir insists Covid compliance is “safe and effective” and, like most left-wing activists in positions of leadership, endeavors to institute the mask mandates for children in schools indefinitely.

Happy October, everyone!

Keep using those (covid) masks today so our kids can use their (Halloween) masks in a month!

— Nick Melvoin (@nickmelvoin) October 1, 2021

In a pamphlet asking for voters to support his reelection bid, Melvoin boasts about “Keeping Kids Safe at School” and “Fighting For All Kids.”

I am excited to announce my re-election campaign and I hope you’ll join me as we continue to fight for the children of Los Angeles! When I ran for @LAschools four years ago, it was on the radical premise that we should put kids first. (1/6)

— Nick Melvoin (@nickmelvoin) July 12, 2021

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“Nick Melvoin is committed to protecting the most vulnerable students” and is “focused on making the district more transparent and accountable,” the brochure states.

The unmasked school board member, who claims to “fight for all kids,” is seen reading to a group of small, masked children.

Masking up is so vital to “stopping the spread,” that Melvoin doesn’t need to wear masks, only small children do.

If Covid is so dangerous, why isn’t Melvoin, wearing the muzzle on his face?

Data shows and numerous medical experts affirm children have a 99.99 percent chance of recovering from Covid with natural immunity alone and have less than a one percent chance of being hospitalized from Covid infection, as

But thanks to left-wing leadership, in September Los Angles became the first major school district in the United States to mandate Covid vaccination amongst students, barring unvaccinated children from attending class.

Time and time again, the most ardent Covid cultists showcase their hypocrisy. Those who are hellbent on perpetuating the Covid state of “emergency” indefinitely make clear totalitarian mandates are only for the little people.

Like Melvoin, New York’s Democrat Governor Kathy Hochul, who imposes $1,000 fines on residents who enter indoor venues unmasked, and her entourage enjoy taking pictures, breathing in the fresh air and smiling big for the cameras alongside small children suffocating in masks.

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