Massive Freedom Rallies Held Across Australia Today – Huge Numbers of Australians Participate and March for Freedom (VIDEO)


Massive freedom rallies were held across Australia today, from Sydney to Melbourne Aussies were marching for freedom. 

Today huge crowds were in attendance at peaceful marches for freedom.   In Sydney, 100,000 participants were estimated in attendance.

Melbourne also had thousands in attendance:

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Here’s a tweet from Melbourne on Friday night:

Welcome to #ClubParliament, on Spring St in Melbourne.

Who needs a segregated venue? We have our streets.

I’m so proud to see my city finally standing strong, and refusing to give an inch.#OccupySpringSt #SomyurekTheBill

— Bethany Cherisse (@BethanyCherisse) November 19, 2021

Here’s a video showing Sydney’s huge crowd.

Marching from Hyde Park to Parliament House at Martin Place, Sydney

“Isn’t it beautiful?”

Freedom Rally Sydney, 20

November 2021#sydneyprotest #auspol

— Tatiana Schild (@tatianaschild) November 20, 2021

Another pic from the heart of Sydney.

#Freedom Rally being censored by twatter #Sydney spread it round!

— Not2nightjosephine (@Not2nightjosep1) November 20, 2021

The world is waking up and joining together against the insane tyranny coming from global elites.

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