McCaskill on Durham Probe: ‘There’s Nothing’ — ‘This Was an Utter Fail’


Thursday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” network contributor Claire McCaskill echoed Hillary Clinton’s sentiment that special counsel John Durham’s federal court filing alleging that her political allies paid a contractor to spy on Donald Trump as a sitting president and candidate was a “fake scandal.”

McCaskill said “there’s nothing” to Durham’s report. She added that Trump and Fox News taking a victory lap over it “was an utter fail.”

“First of all, I think in a way it works to the benefit of the truth that Durham has independent control, that Merrick Garland is not controlling him because if there was all kinds of bad actors trying to hurt the guy in Mar-a-Lago, then bring on the grand jury and the indictments,” McCaskill outlined. “But there’s nothing … other than saying a lawyer didn’t tell us that his firm had done some work and that he was billing Hillary Clinton for some of his time. That’s it. That’s it. And the notion that somehow this guy — you know, he kind of did a plea where he twisted the facts like a pretzel to throw a bone to the right-wing. And of course, they’ve taken this little bitty bone, and they’ve tried to make it into a side of beef. And it is not, and they’re not going to be able to make it a side of beef.”

“I don’t think it is so bad to let him keep going,” she added. “I think this was an utter fail. The people who believe what they’re saying on that one cable news channel, they’re going to believe it if they say Donald Trump lost 150 pounds and is trying out for the gymnastics team.”

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