Media Renew Sarah Fuller Mania Over Woman Who Kicked For Vandy Football


Sarah Fuller, the former Vanderbilt University soccer player, really wowed the easily impressed left-stream media last year when she kicked for the football team a few times. Fuller mania is flaring up again because she’s now working for a sports agency as an adviser on how others can cash in on their names, images and likenesses.

It’s not just that Fuller was a token barrier breaker. It’s how the media blew what she did so far out of proportion.

The internet is once again abuzz with sappy praise for the first woman to appear in a Power 5 conference football game. Saying she actually played in a game would be gratuitous, because she merely squibbed a kick to start the second half in one game. In another game, she kicked two extra points while the opposing team declined to rush her. She never blocked or tackled anyone or took a major college hit. She turned in her uniform with no grass stains.

Fuller (shown above in a 2020 ESPN SportsCenter report) said she gave women the “courage to play football.” At least when none of the men on the field actually hit you.

Now playing soccer at North Texas University, Fuller is also working for the Wasserman sports agency. Media are fondly recalling her (in the words of USA Today) “historic run” at Vanderbilt last year. They can never get enough of Fuller, who was featured in a music video, recorded a video featured during President Joe Biden’s inauguration celebration and also introduced Vice-president Kamala Harris. Fuller was also a natural for the ESPY awards program on ESPN (the worldwide leader in left-wing sports reporting). 

Fuller got famous during a “marquee moment,” raved Front Office Sports. CBS estimated her social media value at $160,000. Sports Illustrated jumped on the bandwagon with the headline, “A Year After Making History in College Football, Sarah Fuller Is Back Doing What She Loves Most”. SI’s MacKenzie Meaney wrote about how Fuller became an “icon” in women’s sports by appearing in a man’s sport.:

When Sarah Fuller took the field a year ago for Vanderbilt’s football team, the college senior took the world by storm, empowering women of all ages to do what many thought was impossible—break barriers and make history.

“In other words, play like a girl.”

Well, the men playing for Vandy’s rivals certainly treated her like a girl by not rushing her.

Not surprisingly, Fuller plans to eventually pursue a home in the National Women’s Soccer League, a haven for social justice warriors and liberal lesbians like Megan Rapinoe and others. If successful there, Fuller will expand on her already enormous legend with the left-stream media.

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