Mo Brooks: ‘Power Grab’ Democrats Using Non-Citizen Voting to Alter American Electorate in Their Favor


Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL), running for United States Senate, has signed onto legislation that would ban localities and states from receiving federal funds if they permit foreign nationals to vote in elections.

The legislation, introduced by Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) and now co-sponsored by Brooks and other House Republicans, strips federal funds to states and local governments that allow foreign nationals to vote in any federal, state, or local elections.

Likewise, the legislation requires states and local governments to certify that they do not allow foreign nationals to vote in any elections before they are cleared for federal funds.

“Non-citizen voting in American elections threatens American governments by denying citizens control over their own governments’ destinies … this is the United States, not the United Nations,” Brooks said in a statement:

Socialist Democrats denigrate the sacrifice of countless Americans who have laid down their lives protecting the right of American citizens to vote and control America’s future. Democrats’ giving voting rights to illegal aliens and other non-citizens undermines our Republic and the voting power of American citizens. Worse yet, Socialist Democrat dilution of the voting rights of American citizens is motivated solely by their desire for political power. [Emphasis added]

Brooks said cities and states allowing foreign nationals to vote is merely a “power grab” by elected Democrats in “a brazen attempt to import a solidly socialist Democrat voting bloc.”

“… the Democrat strategy is to try to import as many non-citizens and illegal aliens into America as possible, all the while giving them voting privileges,” Brooks said:

Quite frankly, Democrats don’t like the current make-up of the American electorate. They don’t like the votes of American patriots who prefer, honor and support liberty and freedom while abhorring dictatorial Socialism. So, Democrats seek to change the American electorate in their thirst for even more dictatorial power over the lives of American citizens. [Emphasis added]

The legislation comes after Democrats on the New York City Council approved a plan that gives voting rights in municipal elections to nearly a million foreign nationals. The plan means that foreign nationals who have lived at least 30 days in New York City are now eligible to vote.

Black Americans, as well as the New York State Republican Party, are now suing the New York City Board of Elections for violating the 15th Amendment by imposing a “racially discriminatory” policy that is set to drastically dilute the voting power of American citizens in New York City, and specifically of black Americans.

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