MSNBC’s Deutsch: Ivanka ‘Very Intertwined’ in Trump Business — Her ‘Brand Is Dead’


MSNBC contributor Donny Deutsch said Thursday on MSNBC’s “Deadline” that Ivanka Trump is “very intertwined” with her father, former President Donald Trump’s business which means her “brand” was dead.

Discussing the New York investigation into the Trump organization, Deutsch said, “It’s criminal when he lies on a bank and insurance, where it’s very criminal if you basically go for a loan and you say a property is worth X and they give you money based on that, and at the end of the day, the property by any valuation is worth x minus 50%. The same thing with insurance on the flip side. If you inflate things to get insurance, these are criminal acts that you go to jail for, that anybody would go to jail for. So, it’s these things, it’s either inflating or deflating values of things in order to get appropriate business interactions you want.”

Anchor Nicolle Wallace said, “Ivanka raises my interest today. She has branded herself as sort of above the seedy, dark, and dirty way that Trump did business, and she’s right here in the middle of it.”

Deutsch said, “Yeah. I mean, the kids are going to be tied up. I’ve said this many times on the show. If you go up to the Trump organization, it’s not a sprawling empire. It’s a bunch of crappy little offices right next to each other, Don Junior is right next to Donald Trump, and Ivanka’s on the other side, and there’s Weisselberg, and there is Michael Cohen. It is just like if you went up to a small garment center company. It’s a crappy little licensing company. So they are very intertwined. These kids knew exactly what was going on. They had hands-on everything. And you mentioned the word “brand.” It’s so ironic how Ivanka Trump went into the presidency with this Ivanka brand, and she was in jewelry. To say that the Ivanka brand is dead is an understatement.”

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