MUST SEE: Outraged Canadian Parliament Members Boo, Shout ‘Where Did Justin Go,’ After Trudeau Runs Away During Question Period on House Floor For The Second Time This Week (VIDEO)


On Thursday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau addressed the Canadian Parliament, speaking about the Trucker Convoy that has gridlocked the Capital city of Ottawa for over a week and has effectively shut down several major ports of entry along the US-Canada border.

Unfortunately, Trudeau has not backed down from his hardline stance on the mandates, refusing, still, to even meet with the trucker convoy representatives who are looking to bring an end to all of the tyrannical covid-19 restrictions permanently.

Trudeau’s actions, or lack thereof, have rightfully upset many elected officials, who were planning to address their concerns during a customary question period with the prime minister on the house floor once he concluded his address.

Alas, the parliament members will have to wait for another day. As the first speaker – Conservative MP Stephanie Kusie – stood up to ask her question, Trudeau immediately masked himself and ran out of the room before she could even get a full sentence out.

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The abrupt departure immediately caused an uproar among the elected officials, who can be heard booing and shouting “where did Justin go?”

As the crowd continues to express their outrage, Kusie finishes her question, asking point-blank why the government is not starting to remove Canada’s Covid-19 restrictions like many other countries are currently doing. She also questioned Trudeau directly if he would be ‘following the science,’ which is on the side of lifting the restrictions, not on the side of more mandates.

“Instead of creating new vaccine mandates for federally-regulated workplaces, will this minister listen to the science and his MPs and move towards lifting these mandates?

However, Canada’s Prime Minister was nowhere to be found by this point, so the country’s minister of health Jean-Yves Duclos provided an answer to her question – and it was a load of nonsense. Ignoring her words completely, Duclos began spouting off data about vaccination rates that had nothing to do with her question as several members begin shouting again: “where did Justin go.”

Is this the ‘democracy’ the left is always clamoring on about?


MPs ask “where did Justin go?” after Trudeau walks out of Question Period.

— The Post Millennial (@TPostMillennial) February 10, 2022

Trudeau’s shameless act of cowardice isn’t a one-off – it is becoming a pattern. In fact, it’s not even the first time he has pulled this same stunt in the past week. Just two days ago during another emergency parliamentary debate, Trudeau also walked off at the beginning of the legislative question period before a single question could be completed.

Yet another great example of liberal ‘democracy’ in action.


Trudeau walked out of QP during my question today.

Canadians are standing up right now, grabbing this moment in our history, because they know there is something fundamentally wrong when a Prime Minister refuses to listen. #cdnpoli

— John Barlow (@JohnBarlowMP) February 8, 2022

Trudeau’s continued stalemate with the protesters, and subsequent logistical issues, have motivated several members of the Canadian Government to begin making some concessions, with some Premiers having already announced an easing of restrictions in their respective provinces – which is a great first step, but nowhere near enough.

End the mandates permanently.

What do you think?

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