Naked hiker rescued after getting stranded in suburban Los Angeles

Naked hiker rescued after getting stranded in suburban Los Angeles

A hiker who got lost in hills in suburban Los Angeles was pictured getting rescued while completely in the nude.

Witnesses raised the alarm around 8:45 p.m. Monday after hearing someone crying for help in Chatsworth, the Los Angeles Fire Department said.

The stranded man was found by chopper around 45 minutes later — with photos obtained by CBS Los Angeles showing him waving for help while completely in the buff.

The photos, which digitally obscured anything intimate, showed him standing with his hands raised high while under a spotlight.

The unidentified man is thought to have been missing in the remote location since around 4 p.m., CBS Los Angeles said, without saying if it was known why he was naked.

Naked hiker seen in the hills near Chatsworth, California, Monday night

A nude hiker was located and rescued by firefighters in a remote suburb of Los Angeles. KCAL News

Stranded hiker seen in the brush in the hills near Los Angeles

People heard the stranded hiker’s cries for help and called the Los Angeles Fire Department on Monday. KCAL News

He was hoisted from the helicopter by a rescuer and flown to a landing area, where he was assessed by paramedics, before being transported to a hospital.

The fire department said the hiker suffered minor injuries, but it was not immediately known what had happened to him.

The agency did not address the victim’s unexplained state of undress at the time of the rescue.

Helicopter tracked the man down to area near Chatsworth

A helicopter tracked the man down to an area near Chatsworth, and a rescuer went down to retrieve the hiker. KCAL News

Hiker seen hoisted from rescue helicopter in suburban Los Angeles

The victim was hoisted from a helicopter and later taken to a hospital with minor injuries. KCAL News

Temperatures in the area ranged between 40 and 69 degrees on Monday, according to information from

The Post reached out to the fire department Tuesday seeking comment on the incident.


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