NEW FOOTAGE Shows Trained, Plainclothes Operatives Coordinating Break-In Through Capitol Window on January 6 (VIDEO)


Article Written by Nick Mastrangelo and Laura Elizabeth Jenkins at

American Gulag obtained this footage from Tommy Tatum showing a small group of unidentified individuals working in tandem to break a window on Jan. 6th.

In this video, a black-hooded man carries an Asian woman dressed in red, with a red hood, a US flag scarf, and a MAGA hat, onto the window sill on the west side of the Capitol Building.

An individual wearing military-issued glasses, a black mask, black earmuffs, and a green military-style fleece cap checks this occurrence and is pointed out at the end of this video.

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(The video is in slow motion)

The Asian woman motions to someone in the crowd and stomps her feet along with the drumbeat. Though she acts inconspicuously, she gradually kicks her foot back more aggressively. She attempts to knock out the window and fails (video below).

Within minutes, the individual in the green cap, black eyeglasses, and black mask “>fix his gaze on the scene, speaking and motioning as well.  

At one point, the man with the asp looks directly at the individual wearing the eyeglasses, green cap. As he pounds the window, she appears to instruct him, lowering her hand. She is actively working alongside him.

Eyewitness accounts before this video mention Antifa members working alone or in small groups to break windows. Yet this breach is unique. The triangular formation between the main actors is a common strategy in military law enforcement. Antifa members generally wear black and multiple backpacks, but this clothing is inconspicuous. The woman who assists the man with the asp wears attire similar to that issued in the Army or CIA. 

Furthermore, these individuals-particularly the Asian woman-have specific training. Instead of taking selfies or texting family and friends-like other defendants-she fixes her attention on the crowd, slowly filming as if to identify faces. Instead of using blatant force, she acts destructively while blending with the crowd. Furthermore, the communication between these actors shows eye contact but very little speech. 

Why didn’t the Asian woman stop if couldn’t kick out the window? How did she know to confer with this other woman? 

How does the woman in the green cap know the man with the asp? Why does she summon him to help when she could have asked someone around her for assistance? 

As these questions remain, there are still more unidentified actors conspiring within this video. 

Here is the video of the mysterious woman using a walkie-talkie.

We also see a man in his late forties to early fifties wearing a twill Scottish golf hat. In this and similar footage, he moves throughout the crowd while most protesters remain fixed in one position.


“>Asian lady helped up by hooded individual: Full Video (Lady was helped out in first 10 seconds)

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