Newsmax White House Reporter Emerald Robinson Banned from Twitter for Posting ‘Wrongthink’ on COVID Vaccines


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Emerald Robinson is an exceptional reporter from Newsmax who serves as its White House correspondent. Emerald is one of the few true reporters in the room of fake news journalists today. She is not afraid to confront the regime on its massive failures. Because of this she sticks out in a sea of conformist hacks.

On November 4, Emerald Robinson posted an article on Substack on the ingredients in the COVID-19 vaccines and the insane demands Big Pharma is forcing on poor countries in order to get the COVID vaccines.

Emerald reported on luciferase, an enzyme that can produce bioluminescence, that is widely used in the biomedical industry and is reportedly used in the COVID vaccine process.

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After she reported this Twitter suspended her account.

COVID wrong-think will not be allowed — even if it’s true.

This is outrageous.

We reached out to our friend Emerald Robinson for comment and will post any updates as we receive them.

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