Nolte: Two-Thirds of Voters Want Joe Biden to Take a Mental Fitness Test


“Most voters believe that President Joe Biden’s mental abilities have declined since he took office,” finds the Rasmussen Reports polling firm, “and two-thirds agree with GOP members of Congress who have urged the president to take a cognitive test and release the results.”

“Fifty-six percent (56%) are not confident that Biden is up to the job, including 45% who are Not At All Confident in his ability.”

Meanwhile, only 42 percent are confident His Fraudulency Joe Biden is up to the job, but of those 42 percent, only 27 percent are “very confident.”

Imagine that. We live in a country where only 27 percent are “very confident” the sitting president is up to the job mentally.

When asked if Biden’s mental decline has worsened since he allegedly won the presidency, a whopping 63 percent agree that it’s worsened and 47 percent strongly. Worse still, only 31 percent disagree that Biden’s mental state has deteriorated.

When asked if they agree or disagree with the Republicans in Congress who want to test Biden’s cognitive abilities and make the results public, 66 percent said yes, while only 26 percent said no.

One of the most exciting things about Slow Joe’s failed presidency is how he has brought Americans together on specific issues, like the issue of his mental decline and unfitness for the job. What had been a 50/50 country on just about every issue is now starting to look more like a country coming to a consensus on some key issues — like schools telling white kids they’re racist, schools teaching grade-schoolers gay porn, Biden’s mishandling of the China Flu and Afghanistan, as well as his mishandling of the economy, foreign policy, and immigration.

We’ve also come together on the idiocy of defunding the police, investigating Hillary Clinton’s role in the Russia Collusion Hoax, distrusting the corporate media, that the country is on the wrong track, and opposing Biden’s lunatic spending.

The issue of Biden’s glaringly obvious mental decline is glaringly apparent that neither the White House nor the corporate media can cover up for him. The White House can only hide a president for so long, and the fake media can only try to gaslight us with so many excuses and distractions. The facts are the facts, and even after a long weekend of rest and relaxation and Murder She Wrote, Biden opens his mouth for eight seconds and out dribbles a flurry of unintelligible nonsense.

You can’t hide that, which is why most Democrats want someone else to run for president in 2024. Something is very wrong with your president when a majority of his own party does not want him to run for reelection.

Heythat’s’s something else we all agree on: No Joe in 2024…

Well, Biden did say he would bring the country together!

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