Of the New Cases of the Omicron Variant Identified in the US on Thursday – All the Individuals Were Vaxed When the Vaccination Status is Known


Of the new cases of the omicron variant identified in the US today, all the individuals have been vaxed of those whose vaccination status is known.    

The UPI reported earlier on new cases of omicron being reported in the US:

One day after the first case of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 was confirmed in California, New York reported five cases of the virus while additional cases were identified in Colorado and Minnesota, public health officials said Thursday.

New York authorities stated that they knew one of the cases in the state had at least taken the vaccine once.  New York officials said they did not know about the other four cases.  In Colorado, the case was related to an individual who was said to be ready for a booster shot now, indicating she had at least one vaccination for COVID.

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A fully-vaccinated and boosted Minnesotan is the nation’s second case of the omicron COVID-19 variant, Minnesota Department of Health officials confirmed Thursday.

The nation’s first omicron case was discovered Wednesday in California in an individual who recently traveled to South Africa. This individual was also fully vaccinated.

The Minnesotan with the omicron variant is an adult male resident of Hennepin County who completed his vaccine series more than six months ago. He was “boosted” in early November, Department of Health Commissioner Jan Malcolm said at a Thursday press briefing.

The individual developed symptoms on Nov. 22 after returning from a trip to New York City for an anime convention and was tested on Nov. 24. His symptoms have since “resolved,” according to a press release.

This omicron variant reportedly is not reactive to the COVID vaccine but fortunately, it is reportedly milder than the previous variants of COVID. 

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