OMG! Chinese-Canadian Woman Breaks Down Crying in front of Windsor Police as they Move in to Mop Up Freedom Protesters (VIDEO)


The Windsor police moved in this morning and started removing the Freedom Convoy Truckers from the Ambassador Bridge from Canada to the US.

The Canadian police had started to remove protesters at the Ambassador bridge in Windsor, Ontario, Canada where a blockade has been stationed need the Canada/U.S. border.

** Here is our earlier report from today.

The police are moving in.

Government snipers are on the roof overlooking the peaceful freedom protesters.

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A Chinese-Canadian woman breaks down crying in front of windsor Police as they move in to mop up freedom protesters.

Female protester: “Remember 1989! (sobbing) Lot’s of people there. I moved to Canada.”

For Rebel News in Windsor, Ontario.

A woman gets emotional as she tells the police that she remembers the 1989 Tiananmen Square protests and massacre.

For @RebelNewsOnline in Windsor, Ontario. for more.

— Isabelle Rivo (@isabellerivo) February 12, 2022

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