Oscars 2022: Only ‘Hired Help’ will Be Required to Show Proof of Covid Vax – Vax Requirement Waived For Hollywood Celebrities


Proof of Covid-19 vaccination will not be required to attend the Oscars at Dolby Theater in Los Angeles this year.

Rather, the Academy will require a negative PCR test or a negative antigen test on the day of the awards show.

Only the ‘hired help’ will be required to be vaccinated, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Via The Hollywood Reporter (emphasis ours):

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The Oscars will be back at the Dolby Theatre on March 27, less than a year after the pandemic forced Hollywood’s biggest night to be held as a scaled-down affair at Los Angeles’ Union Station with strict COVID testing requirements. In the time since, safe and free COVID vaccines have become widely available and mandated for everything from dining out to attending sporting events.

But, The Hollywood Reporter has learned, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is planning not to mandate proof of vaccination (with or without a booster) in order to attend this year’s ceremony. Instead, it intends to require a negative PCR test or a negative rapid antigen test on the day of the event.

The Academy, which requires its own employees to be vaccinated (with rare medical exemptions), declined to comment for this piece.

With this position on vaccinations, the organization is technically adhering to the latest minimum requirements from the Los Angeles Department of Health. But the other major award shows that precede it are not opening their doors to anyone who is not vaccinated.

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