Owens: LeBron Is Well-Meaning, But Has A Low IQ


Political commentator Candace Owens pulled no punches when sharing her thoughts about Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James.

On a recent episode of the Full Send Podcast, Owens applauded James for being well-meaning when he offers his opinion on major social issues but also said that his overall intelligence in these matters leaves a lot to be desired.

“I just don’t think he’s that smart, I really do. I think LeBron James is low IQ,” Owens said. “I’ve heard him speak about issues, and he just is so wrong. He carries with him an arrogance which isn’t hard when you’re being called a king, and he is an incredible talent, there is no doubt about that.”

Now let’s be clear: despite showing an incredible ability to miss the mark with a lot of his political opinions and commentary, James has used his platform and resources for a lot of good. He started the I Promise School in Akron, OH to give underprivileged children a quality education and use his voice to try to inspire change.

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But unfortunately for all of us, James does not think before he speaks far too often, and usually makes a fool of himself in the process.

Last November, James took it upon himself to ridicule Kyle Rittenhouse for crying during his trial, accusing the teenager of eating “Lemonheads” before taking the stand.

He further targeted a cop involved in the Ma’Khia Bryant shooting in April of 2021. James thought that the officer who shot Bryant had racist intent and demanded that he be held accountable. However, bodycam footage later showed that Bryant was attacking another teen with a knife before she was shot and killed.

Mediaite writer Brandon Contes thought that Candace’s take was a low blow, saying that suggesting James has a low IQ is “insulting.” But with James’ track record, it seems fair to say the intellectual political commentary should be left to the likes of Owens.

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